Friday, December 25, 2009

26 December 2009

Today is the feast of St. Stephan and the second day of Christmas. What to do today? Lots of wonderful recipes on the internet for left over turkey, look around and try one out. Of my favourites is Turkey Pot pie, turkey Tetrazzini, Turkey in cheese sauce, white chili using turkey instead of chicken, of course turkey soup as well. Since we smoked out turkey, we will be having turkey sandwiches. As I have four hungry carnivores for children at home for Christmas, we don’t have to worry very long. If you do have a bunch left over, freeze it in bags with portions right for the family, or for the guests to take home with them.

Today is a great day to go to the store and buy Christmas supplies if you need them. Main trick, make a list and make a promise not to buy more than one thing that is not on the list. That will help you to save money. The new LED lights really save electricity. The electricity for one bulb of the traditional lights (C7) will light two strings of 60 LED’s, so if funds are available, it might be a good idea to start changing over to keep that electrical bill down. Limit your time at the store. If you need to take something back, it is probably better to wait to January, especially if it is a Wall Mart item.

Some of us sadly have to work. Just make the best of it, and remember, eleven more days to celebrate the birth of Christ. Twelve days of Christmas is not just a song. The liturgical churches celebrate the Nativity of Christ and his incarnation from the 25th of December until the 5th of January. The 6th of January we celebrate the Epiphany, a day associated with the visit of the Wise Men to see the toddler Jesus some two years after his birth.

Today is also a good day for evaluation. What worked and didn’t work yesterday. Were we worried more about Christ, or presents, more about food or fellowship. Food is a means to fellowship, but can also be an idol. Too much turkey leftovers, smaller turkey next year. Make a list of things you may have run short of and have it ready to check next December. Did something not get eaten this year. Don’t get it next year. Did someone spend too much time cooking, maybe change what you are eating. My wife spends a lot of time making tamales for Christmas. Maybe she should make them some other time and freeze them, so she is not so worn out, or we should help her more, or both even. If you don’t like traditional Christmas foods, do something different. How about Chinese for Christmas. You decide. Look at how Christmas might be more Christ centered. Maybe remove presents from Christmas all together and have them on St. Nicholas day. You decide what works for you. I am only giving suggestions. In your house, God is the boss, followed by you.

Merry Christmas and blessings to each of you.

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