Wednesday, December 23, 2009

24 December: Chritmas Eve

Christmas Eve at last. Some of us will be having our Christmas meal tonight and others on the morrow. Take time to be with friends and family this day. Keep an eye out for older family members, especially those who have lost a spouse, and for younger family members (and friends) who may be alone for the first time ever at Christmas. Christmas without family (and without Christ) can really be depressing, and suicides spike this time of year. Take the time today and tomorrow to talk about Jesus, who came to make us whole, showing us the way and dying on the cross for our salvation.

Have fun doing whatever needs to be done today. Take the time today and tomorrow to call those relatives you haven’t seen for a while. Talk about family, talk about Christ. Be sure to go to church tonight and/or tomorrow depending on your church’s tradition. If you are in La Porte, Texas, or near by, come see us at 204 Sylvan St. at 8:30 tonight. We would love to have you. Remember, Christmas is chiefly about Christ, and him coming into the world to show us the way and to save sinners.

Guys, and kids, help the lady of the house in the kitchen. There is always lots to do and everyone can help.

Christmas donations are always welcome.

Shalom to each of you, and a very blessed Christmas celebration.

Mar Michael Abportus, OSL

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